Fool’s Errand

***SHORT STORY*** *** There wasn’t anything to see. Not even a crack of light and it was cruelly hot. The smell of decay was sickening the back of her throat. Heavy and cloying in its dense sweetness. She felt like a nesting bird, sweltering on the matted filth. But she had no choice and it... Continue Reading →


Planting Oakes

***SHORT STORY*** *** “I’ve decided to plant Oakes.” “What?” I peel my face off the section of the Sunday papers I’ve fallen asleep on. Bill, down the phone, tugging at my apron strings. “Did you get my message?” “No. I was just drifting off.” “Oh sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you.” His politeness always takes... Continue Reading →

Save it for later

***SHORT STORY*** *** He summons me again. I drop everything. It’s six months since I've seen him. Nothing is consistent or to be relied upon. I think we will never get bored of one another (and anyway he’ll die young, with his habits). So I always feel like we’re living on borrowed time. And the... Continue Reading →


*** SCENE SETTING EXERCISE*** ***   By morning, the snow had banked up against the windows casting the living quarters in gloom. The small glass pane in the front door, which had been periodically scraped, was now the only hint at the world beyond. Even the storage shed, a few metres outside, couldn’t be discerned... Continue Reading →

Once the dust has settled

***SHORT STORY*** *** That morning, I’d woken up to find his back to me and a wide no-man’s land of greyish sheets, wrinkled and loose, in between us. I’d listened to the gentle rhythm of his breathing and wanted so much to touch him, yet stayed paralysed to the spot. Shameful fragments of the night... Continue Reading →


***SCENE SETTING EXERCISE*** *** The door swung shut behind me swapping the cold air and traffic sounds from the street for All Bar One’s heat and shiny merriment. Thursday night is apparently the new Friday night and society accepts that it’s totally fine to get hammered on a school night. Many of the drinkers were... Continue Reading →

Black Peak

He hid under his black peak That meant nothing to me. His purse was empty He looked beaten I had crawled over him. Let the firmness of his flesh Press against me. I had watched his sinew and bone With great intrigue. Relished the length of his body Uninterrupted, I would worship. Sit in near... Continue Reading →

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